Our Journey together

As Members

of the Mayfair Church Family

Seeking to live like Jesus’ disciples

in a community of believers

. . . A quiet time with God

. . . Connecting relationships

. . . A commitment to unity

. . . A cooperative spirit

. . . Engaged participation

. . . Sacrificial service

. . . Missional outreach

. . . A godly life

Glory to God in all things

Who is recognized as a member of the mayfair congregation?

One who. . . 

has become a Christian

  • having understood that we are made right with God by His grace 1
  • having responded in faith by accepting Jesus as the divine Son who in His death bore our sin penalty 2
  • having publicly acknowledged Jesus as personal Savior and Lord 3
  • having been baptized by water immersion to receive forgiveness of sins and the indwelling Holy Spirit 4, and
  • having been added by God to the body of saved people--the church 5.

and desires to be part of a local church - Mayfair - because

  • he/she is attempting to live like Jesus' disciple 6
  • in a community of believers 7

What are the common commitments made by members of the mayfair congregation?

Mayfair seeks to be a body of Christians who carry out this desire by honoring some common values and commitments. All members are encouraged to acknowledge and accept the statement of values below and make the associated commitments. Together, these statements embody membership expectations. And they are believed to be Bible-based essentials for spiritual health and life, helping both the church and each member to thrive.

The overarching focus is to simply

follow Jesus

by loving God

and loving others. 8

To do that, Mayfair members are called to devote themselves, in a good faith, conscientious way, to . . .

- A quiet time with God -
drawing near to God daily through personal prayer and study of His Word

I know that God welcomes my coming before Him in prayer and the He listens to me. Therefore I commit to regularly bringing my praises, my concern,s and my petitions of behalf of myself and others to Him. I also know that I need to hear the message and the guidance He gives me in His Word. I therefore commit myself to the reading and study of Scripture on a regular basis. Jesus maintained an ongoing connection with God, and so will I. 9

. . . I will spend time regularly in communication with God.

- Connecting relationships -
encouraging, helping, caring for, comforting, building up, and loving other members

God intends that Christians share life in community with other believers. Spiritual health and maturity for individuals and the church body are fostered when believers accept, welcome, love, help, comfort, encourage, and extend grace to one another. This is how Jesus treated people. I commit to be that kind of member. 10
. . . I will seek to develop relationships with others in this congregation.

- A commitment to unity -
praying for and promoting the unity of the Mayfair church family

I understand that others will know I am a Christian by the kind of relationships I have with my spiritual brothers and sisters. I will therefore endeavor to promote peace and unity within the Mayfair church. If I have wronged a brother or sister or they have sinned against me, I will take the initiative to seek reconciliation. I will make every effort to display a spirit of understanding, patience, and forgiveness toward others. Jesus prayed for unity among His people, and so I will seek the good of others in all matters and not insist on my way. 11
. . . I will seek to maintain unity.

- A cooperative spirit -
honoring the oversight of Mayfair’s shepherds/elders and the church’s stated mission, values, and beliefs

I understand that God’s design is for the church to be guided by men appointed as shepherds or elders. I am placing myself under the oversight and care of Mayfair’s shepherds and will respect their leadership. I understand that the role of ministers is to help equip and prepare members for the challenges of living as a disciple, and I will support Mayfair’s ministers in these efforts. I have been provided mission, values, and beliefs statements developed by the shepherds and ministers at Mayfair to promote its proper functioning as God’s people. I will honor the understandings embodied in those statements. 12
. . . I will support the church leadership and their stated vision for the church.

- Engaged participation -
participating regularly with other church members in gatherings for worship, instruction, fellowship, etc. in congregation-wide and smaller group settings

I understand the importance of my joining and being with other church members regularly for the purpose of worshiping God, exalting Jesus as Savior and Lord, sharing instruction from God’s Word, and encouraging other members. This common experience helps bind us together as a spiritual family. I commit to being a part of and participating in the gatherings of the church as a whole and in other groups, such as classes, ministry teams, small groups, etc. 13
. . . I will do my best to be present as a participant when the church gathers together.

- Sacrificial service -
supporting the ministries and work of the congregation by giving time, talents, and resources

Like Jesus, a disciple is called to serve others. God has endowed me with talents and abilities and has given me resources that He intends be used to benefit those within and outside the church. I commit to join with other members in the deacon-led activities, work, and ministries of the Mayfair congregation. Service involves sacrifice, and I will sacrificially devote myself to the good of others and the glory of God. 14
. . . I will look for opportunities to serve and give.

- Missional outreach -
sharing God’s love and the good news about Jesus in the community and world

Jesus commissioned His disciples to do as he did - to tell others about God’s love and grace. I accept that calling. Individually and with others in this church, I will look for opportunities to share this good news and in this way to help draw people to God. 15
. . . I will make every effort to share the good news.

- A godly life -
living in a way that provides a positive example to others and honors God

A disciple is to live consistently with the teachings of Jesus. I will make it my purpose to be a person of integrity, purity, and compassion, as one whose heart is being changed by God’s Spirit and who is growing in the likeness of God’s Son. I commit to honor God in all I do and am. 16
. . . I will demonstrate Spirit-empowered, Christ-like living.

In these ways and in all things, we affirm that our ultimate purpose is to honor, worship, and bring glory to God. 17

what spiritual blessings will mayfair endeavor to provide a member?

The Mayfair congregation will seek, for one who is a part of this church body, to provide or promote . . .

- Growth in Christ-likeness -
help in knowing Jesus more intimately, obeying Him more faithfully, and reflecting His character more fully

- A spiritual family -
a place where close, life-enhancing relationships can be formed

- Opportunities for worship -
regular occasions to join with the church in worshiping God

- Biblical instruction -
Bible-based teaching to support one's walk with God

- Equipping for ministry -
training to equip and enable one for ministry and service carried out in Jesus' name

- Spiritual support -
encouragement, help, guidance, care, comfort, counsel, and grace

- Caring servant-leaders -
shepherd/elders, ministers, deacons, and others to promote one's spiritual well-being

Members can expect to be spiritually enriched in these ways through their active participation in the life and work of the congregation. The Mayfair leadership is committed to helping members experience these benefits.


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