Family Devo Guide

Jesus' teaching is the most important because it helps us understand that Jesus takes care of us. Study with us this week as we learn that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

Take advantage of the Family Devotion Guide as well as this weeks Celebration Station Video! 

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Celebration Station

Watch this Virtual Celebration Station with your family! We hope you enjoy it!  Click HERE to watch! 

Perfect Power

Join us on Wednesday nights this summer with your family to dive into Jesus' Perfect Power! 

Tonight we will explore that Jesus' Perfect Power Guides Us! 

Click HERE to access the Video! 

Discussion Questions: 

What is something you would want to take with you into the desert?

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't know what to do next?

What is one way that God is guiding you?


Click HERE for a list of resources your family can use during this period of social distancing!