There is a wonderful exchange of wisdom and experience that occurs within a multigenerational group. Though there are certainly appropriate times for gathering in groups based on your age, gender, or marital status, there's something to be said for learning how to commune with people in completely different stages of life than you. If this is the type of community you are looking for, visit a couple of our multigenerational classes below!


An Ambassador is an individual that has been designated by their government to represent the nation in all matters in a foreign land. Join us as we equip ourselves to be more

effective ambassadors of Jesus every day through a more thorough understanding of His will.

Common Grounds

From young couples, to singles, to seniors. From business professionals, to tradespeople, to retired. We are just like you and simply want to love God, serve Jesus, and love others. Through our dynamic and participatory Biblical studies, and various service projects, we seek to apply the principles created by God and demonstrated through His Son. We invite you to the Common Grounds class where you will find a good cup of coffee and a friendly and welcoming gathering.


The Encouragers study God's Word with emphasis on applying it to our daily lives. The class seeks to strengthen and deepen relationships with one another as we work toward this goal. We view Bible Class as continual training for our life.

Family Class

The Family Class is composed of couples and individuals who are interested in developing a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s Word and then seek ways to practically apply it in our daily walk. The goal of the class is to share our experiences and encourage each other in our life struggles and joys. We also have several class fellowship activities and service projects.

Living Redeemed

This class seeks as its foundation deep mediation and study of the Word. The desired purpose
is to ignite a daily thirst for God's Word as it is the only means to be equipped for His glory. 

Six 40

A disciple, when fully trained, will be like his master - Jesus. We want to be more like Jesus. Our group is committed to joining God in what he is doing in our communities. We meet together to read and be changed by God’s Word. This class is held in discussion format and open to all!