S e r v i c e  T i m e s

Here is our church map to help guide you to your desired location. 

  • Sunday Morning

    6:00 AM: Early Worship in Room A-104

    8:00 AM: 1st Service in the Worship Center

    9:30 AM: Bible Classes

    10:30 AM: 2nd Service in the Worship Center

    11:30 AM: Latino Service in Room A-206

  • Sunday Evening

    5:00 PM: Evening Service in the Worship Center

    We have Community Life Groups that meet all over the county for teens, families, and adults on Sunday nights and throughout the week.

  • Wednesday Night

    4:30 PM: World Bible School in the World Missions Center, Room M-103

    5:30 PM: Bible Study in the Family Theater

    6:30 PM: Bible Classes and Worship for Children, Teens, and Adults throughout the building