Sunday Adult classes

At Mayfair, we have classes on Sunday mornings for all ages.  Some of our classes are geared toward people in specific stages of life, and some of our classes are geared toward multiple generations and stages.  We encourage you to read through all the class descriptions below, and find out which one sounds like a place you'd like to be.  If you have any questions - please call the office Monday - Thursday between 8am and 5pm.

Singles, college age, just out of college

Young Adults ministry

COLLEGE - (Summer Only) Meeting upstairs in "The Attic" just above the front lobby.  This is for people who are of college age.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS - Meeting upstairs in M201, right next to "The Attic". We emphasize building relationships with each other and strengthening a foundation of faith in a challenging world. This class strives to be supportive in a time when life presents challenges to growing in maturity and ministry.

mostly 20s, kids on the way, deep bible study, weekly small groups


upstairs - a208

young married couples

The Rooted class provides a place for engaged and young married couples to connect and grow together. We are focused on being rooted in Christ as the foundation of our relationships and being transformed through our relationship with Christ.


During our Sunday morning time, we pray over each other and dig into the Word, typically through a lecture-style presentation. We often meet together in small groups on Sunday evenings to enjoy informal fellowship with one another. Join us as we develop a community of young married couples seeking to glorify God together!

Age: 20s-40s, newborn to elementary children, focused on service, weekly small groups

Servants at Heart 

upstairs - a205

young married/young families

Servants is a class for those who want to take action to glorify God by serving in the Huntsville community and beyond. The class was started by young adults with servant hearts, and we have continued to grow together into young parenthood.


During our time on Sunday mornings, we study and discuss the Word, typically through lecture-style presentation with group discussion. We meet in small groups twice a month on Sunday evenings, which allows us to form deep, lasting relationships. We also work to help elderly and shut-in members with tasks they cannot do for themselves. We are looking to grow, and we would love to have you join us as we glorify God and serve others!

Mostly 30s-40s, kids toddler to elementary, bible study and fellowship


upstairs - a204

young families

Homebuilders is a class for parents of young children who are looking to grow together through fellowship and Bible study. We are trying to build our families in a way that glorifies God and benefits our community.


On Sunday mornings, we spend time in fellowship and Bible study. We dig into the Word through a variety of formats, from lecture-style presentations to group discussion. We enjoy getting together outside of class for fellowship activities (like ladies’ Bunco night!) and service projects. Join us as we work together to build Christian families!

Mostly 30s-40s, couples and singles, relationship focused, group discussion

Everybody Always 

Upstairs - a206

30s & 40s

We are a class committed to deepening our connections to God and to each other through discussion, fellowship, and service. We do these things inside and outside the classroom with the goal of building community. 


Our Sunday time together is focused on deep, meaningful discussion with one another, whether we are sharing prayer requests or studying the Word together. We also grow together by serving together with organizations like 305 8th Street and 2820. God doesn’t give us a recipe for living as a community, but he gives us great ingredients. He gives us everybody, always.

mostly 40s-50s, kids middle school to adult, biweekly small groups


upstairs - a203

older kids/empty nest

The Seekers class consists of people with varying interests, professions and needs. The tie that binds us together is a strong sense of purpose and a desire to seek God’s plan for our lives, our families and our Church family.


On Sunday morning, we split our time between fellowship and Bible study. We enjoy digging into the Word, primarily through lecture-style presentations. Outside of class, we meet biweekly in geographically based small groups. Our class is also involved in sponsoring a church in Cuba. Join us as we seek God together!

Mostly 50+, deep textual

bible study


upstairs - a207

empty nest/seniors

The Family class consists of mostly empty nesters who are pursuing a deeper knowledge of God’s Word through textual Bible study. Come prepared to learn as the experienced teachers in our class alternate between studies of the Old and New Testaments.

Outside of Sunday morning, our class enjoys quarterly potlucks and holiday parties. Many class members are involved in other Mayfair ministries, including small groups. Join us as we deepen our knowledge of God’s word.

Mostly 60+, teaching jesus


downstairs - fellowship hall

empty nest/seniors

The Lifesavers class is a group of older adults focused on, quite simply, teaching Jesus. We believe that, by studying the Word together and learning from the Teacher’s example, we can discover opportunities to reflect the love of Christ through the heart of a servant.

Outside of study, the class supports Mayfair’s Baja mission. Many class members pursue other service projects as well. Additionally, we enjoy getting together for class parties and picnics. Join us as we work to follow Jesus’s example more closely every day.

mostly 60+ (couples and singles), bible study and fellowship

Bridge builders

downstairs - garden room

empty nest/seniors

Jesus is a Bridge Builder between God and man, and we try to build bridges between each other. After a brief period of fellowship, we share prayer requests and approach our heavenly Father. We then engage in Bible study using a variety of teachers, each with different teaching styles, to include both lecture and discussion.

This is a medium-sized class with folks in a wide variety of situations:  married, single, widows, working, and retired.  Some are busy with grandchildren, and many are involved with various Mayfair ministries.  This makes for interesting class discussion as we strive to incorporate the teachings of Christ in our lives.

mostly 60+, discussion and study, 

christian community


downstairs - family theater

empty nest/seniors

The Classics class is a lively community of older adults centered around Jesus and his kingdom. We study together, we care for each other, and we ultimately equip each other for service in the kingdom.

The main focus of our Sunday morning time is in-depth Bible study - including practical application. This is done via a presentation style that includes much latitude for open discussion and a look to the word for the final answer. Our class endeavors to get to know and care about each person and their needs. We fellowship with one another outside of class in many ways - from participating in church missions to making meals for those who need them. Join us as we grow our class community in the Lord!

mostly 70+, singles, 

couples, widowed


downstairs - m101

empty nest/seniors

We are a small group of older Christians who meet each Sunday to build each other up and encourage one another as we continue our Christian walks. We attempt to go beyond a superficial view of the Biblical text and look for lessons that may be overlooked in the typical course of study. By bringing these additional truths into our lives, we can become better Christians.

Our class has been together for a long time, and we enjoy being together each week to check on each other. Each month, we celebrate class birthdays with cards and a lunch. We also pray for and write cards to other Mayfair members who need encouragement. During the week, we talk and run errands for each other. We strive to be an example of a committed, caring Christian community to the younger generations. Join us as we continue to run the Christian race!

multigenerational class, growing disciples, service


downstairs - a104


A disciple, when fully trained, will be like his master - Jesus.  We want to be more like Jesus.  Our group is committed to joining God in what he is doing in our communities.  We meet together to read and be changed by God’s Word.  This class is held in discussion format and open to all!

multigenerational, diverse, deep discussion, sunday night small groups

common grounds

downstairs - gym


From young couples, to singles, to seniors. From business professionals, to tradespeople, to retired. We are just like you and simply want to love God, serve Jesus, and love others. Through our dynamic and participatory Biblical studies, and various service projects, we seek to apply the principles created by God and demonstrated through His Son.

During our Sunday morning time, Common Grounds encourages dynamic, honest, thought-provoking Bible discussions. Our goal is to dig deep into God's Word and then examine how it shows up "on Monday morning" in our everyday living. Additionally, many of our members participate in Sunday night care groups, where we continue our study and develop deeper relationships with each other. We invite you to the Common Grounds Class where you will find a good cup of coffee and a friendly and welcoming gathering.

multigenerational, both couples and singles, discussion


upstairs - a210


An Ambassador is an individual who is an official representative to a foreign land.  Our class seeks to build up the family of God so that each of us can be more effective ambassadors of Jesus Christ every day in what has become "foreign territory."


Our class devotes the beginning of each session to fellowship and prayer.  We then move into a study of God's word using an even mixture of formats.  Our goal is for everyone to leave feeling encouraged in our daily walk, and emboldened to be an ambassador for our Lord wherever and with whomever we find ourselves.

multigenerational, application-focused study, biweekly small groups


upstairs - A220


The Encouragers study God’s Word with emphasis on applying it to our daily lives.  The class seeks to strengthen and deepen relationships with one another as we work toward this goal.  We view Bible class as continual training for our lives.

Our class is fairly small, and many of us meet biweekly in a small group format on Sunday nights. We are looking to grow, so join us as we learn and grow together!