In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus left his disciples with one last request: Be a disciple, and go make disciples.  This great commission is one that Mayfair has taken seriously.

In October of 2019, the church decided to put discipling as the central mission for the congregation.  All ministry efforts are now putting an emphasis on discipling.  To help with this, we brought on Lane Widick to help steer the ship in that direction.  

Our goal - to make disciples by being disciples.  This is not the job of one, but of us all.  Keep reading below to see how we're doing this one step at a time.

Discipleship Opportunities

What we're doing to make disciples

Discipling isn't just teaching.  It's living out the life that Christ showed us.  It's loving like Christ loved others.  It's looking Christ in all aspects of our lives.  Here's just a few things we're doing to help the congregation achieve this.

  • Bottle of Blessing

    COMING SOON: Families at Mayfair will be given a bottle to keep on their kitchen counter with one goal: place spare change and dollar bills with a minimum goal of saving $100 in it so during the Christmas season, they can help someone in need.

  • Family discipleship

    How can families learn to be better disciples?  By getting in the word. Download our FAMILY READING PLAN for a simple plan to gather the family around the living room or dining room table to read a 5-10 minute reading from God's Word.

  • Love your neighbor day

    As a church family, we bagged up several items that the homeless community is in need of, and provided our members with bags to hand out to those who are struggling on a daily basis without shelter and access to basic necessities of life.

  • warm coats from warm hearts

    Many of us are blessed with our choice of warm clothes to choose from, but there are those in our community who don't have access to warm clothing during the winter.  We gathered gently used and new coats of all sizes to help different groups around the community to help keep people warm in the cold Huntsville winters.