Intentional Friendships

Relationships on a Personal Level Exclusively for Women

Intentional Friendship Groups

What are they?

Mayfair is a large church and can be a bit overwhelming.  Intentional Friendships (IF) is a way for ladies to connect and get plugged in.  It's a place where where you know and are known.  A place where anonymity is replaced with friendships.  A place where community in Jesus is honored and celebrated and a place where you can be you.

It is a safe community, a place to share joys and find support during the challenging times we face.  It is a place where trust among friends is promoted and honored.  It is a place for common ground, fellowship, support, and prayer.

I want to be a part

How do i join?

For more information or to learn how to become a member of an IF group - email the office at or call at 256.881.4651.