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family Discipleship Strategy

We believe there are four spiritual habits that help kids (and adults, too) grow closer to God. These four habits aren’t anything new. They’ve been talked about countless ways, by countless numbers of people. If these four spiritual habits are the behaviors that help kids grow closer to God, we need a strategy to help kids engage in these four spiritual habits on a regular basis, year after year. That’s why we’ve come up with this Family Discipleship Strategy! 

  • Good News Feed - Fall

    Spend Time with Others

    In the fall we will focus on the spiritual habit of spending time with others, so this year we’re providing a really fun devotional called Good News Feed to help kids engage in deeper conversations with their families and build more strategic relationships with others.

  • Parents Instructions

    Click here for options on how to navigate "Good News Feed" for your family!

  • Kindness Club - Winter

    Use your Gifts

    Most clubs are exclusive. They require the right membership, right connections and – in the case of clubs kids make up – the right password. But Kindness Club is a club like no other . . . anyone can join! The only requirement for its members is a commitment to be kind to others using the gifts God has given to each of them. 

    Kindness Club members will ask themselves three main questions:

    What do I have? Who do I love? How can I serve?

    By answering these questions, kids will be given a chance to formulate a plan to serve people in their lives and community. But it doesn't end there! The members of the Kindness Club will then be able to go and carry out their plan!

    The Kindness club needs your help in the following ways: (feel free to use these or get creative and brainstorm other ways your family can show the kindness, love, and compassion of Jesus this Christmas season).
  • Kindness Club - Parent Info:

    Want more info on adopting a child who is a part of the Inner City Bus Ministry?Since we weren't able to have our Elementary Christmas Party this year, we weren't able to donate and pack Magi boxes. We still want to help so we are counting on you to help us!

    Here is a list of needed items:

    *Note: Please buy items that will all fit the same child. Boy or Girl, Preschool or Elementary age.

    Gloves, Warm Hat, Socks, Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Markers or Colored Pencils, and a handwritten note. Please put all items in a Christmas bag and deliver to Mayfair by Monday, December 21st. 

  • Pray Station - Spring

    Spend Time with God

    Coming soon...

    For the spring quarter, we will focus on the spiritual habit of spending time with God. We can't wait to walk through our Pray Station as you literally walk your family through the importance of talking to God.

  • Kids Takeover -Summer

    Share yOur Story

    Coming soon...

    This summer we will explore the spiritual habit of sharing your story! We're calling it Kids Takeover! Kids Takeover will help kids practice sharing Jesus with others... starting with their own church!