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Whether you are looking for a life-stage class or something more multigenerational, we have a place for you! 


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  • Young Professionals


    We emphasize building relationships with each other and strengthening a foundation of faith in a challenging world.  This class strives to be supportive in a time when life presents challenges to growing in maturity and ministry.

    ROOTED - A-208

    The Rooted Class provides a place for both engaged and young married couples to connect and grow together. This ministry is focused on being rooted in Christ as the foundation for our relationships, and being transformed through our relationship with Christ. 


    SERVANTS is a class for those who want to take action to glorify God by serving in the Huntsville community and beyond.  The class was started by young adults with servant hearts, but all who wish to serve are welcome.

  • families with children


    We are a class committed to growing connected to God and each other through discussion, fellowship, and service. We do these things inside and outside the classroom with the goal of building community.  God doesn’t give us a recipe for living as a community but he gives us great ingredients.  He gives us everybody, always.


     If you are recently  married or you’re just beginning your journey as a new family, we invite you to join the HomeBuilder’s class as we discover God’s plan for our lives.  Our class consists of newlyweds, engaged couples, and couples with infants.  We’re all at the same exciting point of life when God’s presence in our families is critical, so join us as we journey down life’s new path together.

    FAMILY - A-207

    The Family Class is primarily composed of parents of school-aged children.  The focus of the class is to grow in the understanding and application of God’s word, especially as it relates to the role of parenting.  The goal of the class is to share our experiences and encourage each other as we raise our children to follow God.  We also have several class fellowship activities and service projects.

    SEEKERS - A-203

    Although our membership consists of people with varying interests, professions and needs, the tie that binds us together is a strong sense of purpose and a desire to seek God’s plan for our lives, our families and our Church family.

  • empty nesters / seniors

    BRIDGE BUILDERS - Garden Room

    Jesus was a Bridge Builder between God and man and we try to be Bridge Builders between each other.  After a brief period of fellowship each week, we have different teachers who alternate Sundays.  We are a diverse group--some caring for aging parents while others are busy with grandchildren; some employed and others retired.  There are singles, marrieds and widows in our class.  We aim to meet the needs of members spiritually, physically and socially as we strive to incorporate the teachings of Christ in our lives. 

    BUILDERS - M-101

    The Builders class attempts to go beyond a superficial view of the Bible text and looks for lessons that may be overlooked in the course of study.  By bringing these additional truths into our lives, we can become better Christians.   We invite you to join us as we build on our faith.  Our class is composed of mature members 70 and older although we welcome any age.

    CLASSICS - Family Theater

    We are a class where in-depth Bible Study along with practical application is a main focus of the class time.  This is done by a presentation that includes much latitude for open discussion and then a look at the word for the final answer.  This class endeavors to get to know and care about each person and their needs.  Fellowships are greatly enjoyed by our class as a way of getting to know one another better.

    LIFESAVERS - Fellowship Hall

    This class is designed to encourage each class member to experience the joy of salvation by providing a variety of opportunities to reflect the love of Christ through the heart of a SERVANT.

  • multigenerational


    An Ambassador is an individual that has been designated by their government to represent the nation in all matters in a foreign land.  Join us as we equip ourselves to be more effective ambassadors of Jesus every day through a more thorough understanding of His will.


    From young couples, to singles, to seniors. From business professionals, to tradespeople, to retired. We are just like you and simply want to love God, serve Jesus, and love others. Through our dynamic and participatory Biblical studies, and various service projects, we seek to apply the principles created by God and demonstrated through His Son. We invite you to the Common Grounds Class where you will find a good cup of coffee and a friendly and welcoming gathering.


    The Encouragers study God’s Word with emphasis on applying it to our daily lives.  The class seeks to strengthen and deepen relationships with one another as we work toward this goal.  We view Bible class as continual training for our lives.

    SIX40 - A-104

    A disciple, when fully trained, will be like his master - Jesus.  We want to be more like Jesus.  Our group is comitted to joining God in what he is doing in our communities.  We meet together to read and be changed by God’s Word.  This class is held in discussion format and open to all!

  • latinos

     ¡BienVenidos!  En los siguientes minutos podras saber del plan de Dios. El cual tiene un valor incalculable y el costo es gratuito por que nuestro Señor Jesucristo ya lo pago. Nosostros estudiamos la palabra de Dios para saber como vivir delante de El y como servirlo. Usted será siempre bienvenido aquí.