world missions

Our God is a God of mission who invites us into His story of creation and redemption. As Christians called to life in Jesus, we seek to live into the reality of the Great Commission, which frees us "to go into all the world and proclaim the gospel." This is why Mayfair reaches out to the people of North Alabama and partners with local churches around the globe in sharing the Good News. God has made a way for reconciliation through his Son, Jesus - we must tell that story! 

We realize that wherever we are -- home, work, school, vacation -- we can tell God's story with our lives. Please join us as we seek to be part of what He is doing in our neighborhoods and around the world... all to His glory. 
  • Cuba

    From distributing Bibles to Leadership Training Conferences, we have been blessed to be a part of what God is doing over the last 20 years in Cuba. From Havana to Santiago, the saving message of Jesus is changing lives. It is an honor to partner with Cuban Christians as they endeavor to share the message of Jesus with the beautiful, vibrant people of Cuba.   

  • Central America: Belize

    For more than two decades, Mayfair has been privileged to partner with churches in the Toledo District of southern Belize. From medical teams to city-wide teen programs, God has provided opportunities for service in His name. Our team is blessed by the dedication of missionaries Kenion and Holly Gill, Nicasio and Senaieda Cho, and Venustiano and Fernanda Chun as they serve the communties of the Toledo District in Jesus' name.

  • Scotland

    The church in Cumbernauld, Scotland, has been a blessing to the Mayfair family for many years.  Adam and Melanie Barr and their daughter, Nicole, have dedicated their lives to service in Jesus' name in their homeland. A group from Mayfair travels to Scotland yearly to encourage the Christians there as they work to share the name of Jesus. Recently, our work in Scotland has expanded to include a national youth conference hosted by the church in Cumbernauld.

  • World Bible School

    Mayfair’s World Bible School (WBS) ministry shares the gospel with people in our region, in numerous states, and around the world through mail- and Internet-based Bible studies. WBS offers students a study of the Bible-based fundamentals of God, His grace and love, Jesus, the Gospel message, the church, and Christian living. Courses use God's Words to elicit an informed, personal faith response to God's call. Today, Mayfair’s 70-80 WBS evangelists are teaching nearly 25,000 students with exciting results. 

    WBS is an easy, effective way to get involved in sharing the Good News with seekers here at home and around the globe. Whether through traditional mail-based lessons or over the Internet, WBS provides an easy approach to reach out to and study with souls who are seeking God.

  • Mexico: City of Children

    The City of Children is an orphanage located in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Children are brought from around the cities and pueblos of Baja to the City when the DIF (Mexican child services) has no where else for them to go. More than 100 children live at the City and have found a safe place to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually as they are exposed, many for the first time, to the love of a family and of the their God. Groups from around the U.S. visit the children to spend time with them and share God's love.

  • Latin America: Christian Productions International

    Based in Miami, Fl, Christian Productions International is dedicated to sharing the message of Christ with the Latino culture through radio broadcasts, television programming, and the internet via computer, tablet, or smartphone. CPI's mission is to accelerate evangelism through the use of all media forms that are emerging throughout Latin America.

  • Mexico: Baja Missions

    Baja Missions was started in 1997 as an extension of the life saving working done by the City of Children, an orphanage in Mexico's Baja California state. Baja Missions works to plant, construct, and support churches in Ensenada and the agricultural communities to the south. More than 20 American congregations work with Baja Missions to partner with and encourage Christians in Mexico as they reach their communities with the Good News of Jesus! 

  • Middle East

    In partnership with other U.S.-based churches, Mayfair now supports outreach efforts in the Middle East. These efforts include direct preaching and teaching of the gospel in multiple countries, plus the training of Middle Eastern Christians to serve as ministers, teachers, and missionaries in their locations.

  • Honduras: Mission Upreach

    In fall 2011 Jon, Stacy, Lawson, Jordan, and Tobin Stacy relocated from Huntsville to Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras, to work as full-time missionaries in western Honduras. They are part of the Mission UpReach team, which is working to plant churches and train Christian leaders.

  • Mexico: San Quintin, Baja

    Mayfair has had a special relationship with the brothers and sisters of the San Quintin church for more than 15 years. Several teams visit the Christians in San Quintin during the year for times of mutual encouragement and service in the Kingdom. The summer family trip to San Quintin is a special time of service and community together as Mexicans and Americans come together to live out God's story of mercy and redemption together.

  • South Africa

    Mayfair's passion for and involvement in foreign missions began with Peter Manuel and his work in South Africa. The unmatched dedication of Peter and his family for the spreading of the Kingdom of God has resulted in church plants throughout South Africa, and now, even into neighboring Namibia to the north. It is only through the might and grace of God that we are allowed opportunities to partner with Christians in South Africa and around the world to help them where we can as they work to impact their local communities in the name of Jesus.

  • Mexico: Baja Bible Institute

    In fall 2012, Baja Bible Institute (BBI) in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, opened its doors to its first class of 10 students. Led by Liberato and Elodia Ovalle, BBI is not only teaching onsite classes but also employing powerful e-learning tools to train future preachers, teachers, and church leaders  all over Latin America. 

  • Honduras: Mission Lazarus

    Every summer, a Mayfair team spends a week in southern Honduras to work with Mission Lazarus and the churches of the region. Their work includes construction, medical relief, food relief, Bible study, and time spent encouraging and learning with brothers and sisters in their homes.