Mayfair Kids Ministry Internship

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Mayfair Kids Ministry Internship

The kids ministry internship at Mayfair Church of Christ is designed to offer high school and college students an opportunity to work with the kids ministry at a large, active congregation within a multi-staff setting. Because we view the intern experience as a serious effort in training future church leaders, Mayfair attempts to take a professional approach to the development of servant leaders. We see the kids ministry intern as a student, an apprentice, and a staff member with specific responsibilities and training opportunities. 

The application for the kids ministry internship is presented below. Before filling out this application, please read the description of what being a kids intern at Mayfair entails.

How does it work?

Each summer, four college students (usually two guys and two girls) are selected to be interns for the Mayfair Kids Ministry. These interns work closely with our kids ministry staff which includes Logan Jaks, Kim Darwin, and Renee Graham, as well as Roni Armstrong and Janie Deaton, the Administrative Assistants in organizing and coordinating the activities for the summer. The interns help lead Vacation Bible School, kids camp, preschool events, and service projects. Also, a portion of the intern's weekly time will be spent with our kids and their families in developing and strengthening relationships. Interns are responsible for leading preschool and elementary Celebration Station, teaching various Sunday morning Bible classes and a combined Elementary Wednesday night Bible class.

The internship lasts for about 10 weeks beginning May 15 and ending July 29. Salary for each intern begins at $360/week with no paid time-off or vacation except for recognized holidays. Interns will have an unpaid week off in the middle of the summer (dates TBD). Each intern will be provided housing by staying with a Mayfair family.

Application Process

If you are interested in being an intern at Mayfair, please fill out the application below and submit it by Monday, November 13, 2023 at the latest. Also, please email a resume and picture of yourself to as well as any other material you feel is relevant. 

All applications will be reviewed by the kids ministry staff and the Mayfair Kids Intern Selection Committee, which is comprised of kids ministry volunteers, coordinators, and deacons. Several applicants will be invited to interview with the staff and committee in person at Mayfair or virtually, likely via Zoom. We intend to conduct each interview for this internship in October and beginning of November. 

The committee will review the applications, interviews, personal recommendations and all other information to decide on a recommendation for the intern selections. These recommendations will be presented to the Mayfair Elders who will then make the final selections. The applicants selected will be notified and given up to 24 hours to consider and pray about their decision before responding. Our goal is to have the intern staff finalized by December 2023.


If you have any questions about the application, selection process or internship at Mayfair, feel free to email the Mayfair Kids Team at

We appreciate your consideration and are looking forward to an uplifting and spiritual summer for the kids in our community.

Mayfair Kids Ministry Internship Application