It is a privilege and honor to have you at our website and at any of our services and 2019 events.  

We pray that the Word will penetrate your heart 

and lead you back though our doors. Our doors are always open.

inner city church of christ


Bible Class
Sunday, 10:00 AM

Morning Worship
Sunday, 11:00 AM

Evening Worship

Sunday, 5:00 PM 

Mid-Week Bible Study

Tuesday, 7:00 PM 


The mission of the Inner City Christian Learning Center is to address the needs of the surrounding community 

by preparing young students to become future leaders in society.  

CARE CENTER-Mondays & Thursdays

The Care Center is here to assist the community every Monday & Thursday, at 10:00 am. We assist with clothing, 

household items, furniture. The individuals living in the community are invited on Mondays.  


Mid-Week Bible Study
The mission strategy of Tuesday Night Bus Ministry is to reach the family through inviting their children to church. Building relationship with their children, give us a avenue to introduce the Gospel to their parents through Bible study and visitation.  

SOAR-TUESDAY 5:30-6:30 P.M.

Soar is a program that provides selected middle and high school students with adult mentors who are interested in helping them succeed in school and life. A "mentor" is someone who offers friendship, guidance, and advice.


Each Wednesday morning, at 10am, is a special time for the ladies of the Inner City. Mayfair ladies join hands and hearts 

with these precious sisters in bible study and prayer. When they get through with the devotional, the sisters 

all come together in the fellowship hall to eat lunch.

inner city church of christ

all are welcome

"God is doing some great things at Mayfair and we can’t wait to tell you about them! As you take a look around, you’ll find plenty of information but more than that, our story is one of transformation. We are simply a people who are finding life in Christ by the grace of God. And we would love for you to join us on our mission to follow Jesus through loving God and loving others." - Tim Smith, Lead Minister

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