We are seeking members of ages 14 and over to participate with us in guiding others along the way to life in Jesus. We do this by both postal and internet correspondence using the World Bible School (WBS) curriculum of lessons. We are focused on the United States and primarily countries in Africa such as Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. 

As a study helper, you would grade answer sheets that we receive from many locations in these countries. We have members who act as coordinators for each of these countries and take care of distributing the answer sheets to the study helpers and also collecting them to return to the students. We also use a computer grading tool for certain areas in Zimbabwe, Africa that is efficient to use for those interested in this method.

We have no specific class meeting times but you can always drop by the WBS workroom on Sunday mornings before the morning services or later during Bible Class time. We are also open Wednesday evenings during class time. Drop by and chat with us and see what we do.

You can work from home or in the workroom at any time that the office is open. You can also come in at other times by obtaining a pass code that allows entry whenever it is convenient for you. It is thrilling when one of your students comes to Jesus though WBS. God has brought over 10,400 new souls to Christ using WBS at Mayfair. 

If you would like more information, please contact..