Bible Memory Challenge

Mayfair's Scripture Memorization Program for 4 year olds thru 6th Grade


Bible Memory Challenge is a Scripture Memorization program for 4 year olds through 6th Grade at Mayfair. We hope your family will prayerfully consider participating as, together, you learn God's Word and hold it close to your heart allowing you to carry it with you for the rest of your life!

A note to Parents...

Please allow me to introduce (or possibly reintroduce) you to a program that is one of the most amazing ministries provided to our children at Mayfair – Bible Memory Challenge (BMC).

The Bible Memory Challenge Program is for kids at Mayfair ages 4 years – 6th grade and promotes the learning of scripture, Bible facts, and becoming more familiar with the work of the Lord's Church, particularly the congregation at Mayfair. Here are some other valuable pieces of information about the Bible Memory Challenge program:

  • A child learns one BMC item each month under his/her age level. He/she may work on it at home or in his/her free time. Some Bible classes work on BMC items during class time but teachers are not required to include BMC work in their lessons.
  • When a child is ready to recite the assignment, he/she goes to the Bible Memory Challenge Room (C – 208), where someone will be happy to listen.
  • The adult who listened to your child's assignment will add a mark by their name for that month in the BMC Google Doc. This document is our official record of each child's completed work.
  • Once they have completed just one monthly assignment, they will get to place a marker card on the BMC Bulletin Board.
  • If a child is working ahead of his/her age level and needs the next year's assignments, go to the BMC Room and ask for the level they need or access it online.
  • We encourage children to become familiar with his/her own personal Bible and to read and study it often. This will be emphasized more as they progress to higher grades. Periodically they will be asked to look up the particular passage to be recited. There are some assignments in the upper grades that require their Bible to be present. It would be wise for each child to bring his/her Bible to the BMC room.
  • A special Awards Ceremony is given to honor those who complete ALL their assignments at the end of the year.
  • Those completing every assignment in every age level will become Grand Champions.
  • If a child happens to get behind on their BMC assignments, the work can be made up anytime before the Awards Ceremony. Many children make up or complete previous years.
  • If a child is having trouble learning the assignments, he/she may ask for help from their Bible class teachers or BMC Ministry Leaders. They will be happy to help any child participating.
  • A child may recite scripture from any Bible translation they prefer.

Our goal this year is to have as many children participating in Bible Memory Challenge as possible. We hope your child will take "the challenge". Please contact Mayfair Kids (256-881-4651) if you have any questions.

Logan Jaks

Children's Minister