Hospital/Nursing Homes

Help and care for those in local Hospitals and Longterm Care facilities

Mayfair does several things with local hospitals and nursing home facilities.

HOSPITAL WORSHIP: Each Sunday morning a group of individuals conduct a worship service in the chapel at Huntsville and Crestwood Hospitals. They then, by request, go to rooms to conduct a short devo and communion service. You can serve by volunteering to be a member of one of the revolving teams.

MANNA MEALS: Manna Meals is an outreach/service program that provides comfort, both physically and spiritually, to families with loved ones in the Huntsville Hospital Intensive Care Unit. This program provides lunch and a sympathetic ear to families at the Huntsville Hospital ICU waiting room.

COUNTRY COTTAGE: Each Sunday at 2pm, a team from Mayfair visits Country Cottage, an Assisted Living home on South Parkway, to worship and take communion to the residents there.

MONDAY MEALS: A group of people taking meals to those who aren't able to prepare for themselves each week.